My wife and I received preliminary concepts from four architects, including Colleen, some of whom are the most recognizable residential architects in Washington. Most of those fellows have “a look” that we loved, but in the end, I think “the look” put them in a rut. Colleen was far and away the best at listening to us and integrating the way we actually live into the design for our renovation. And to be clear, the design she developed wasn’t a compromise — it was all we wanted – plus, it is more exciting than anything we’d previously envisioned.

My spouse and I culled literally hundreds of design magazines over ten years to get ideas for what we wanted. Who’d have thought Colleen would’ve come up with ideas we’d never seen before? Astonishing. My advice to you: read enough to get an idea for what styles you like, then just sit down with Colleen and let her imagine with you how to make that a reality.

My wife and I had never built or renovated a house before, but Colleen never talked down to us and handled the most basic questions with as much interest as the more interesting topics. Bottom line: she’s great for newbies.

She’s all you want in a professional: timely, intensely focused, available, organized, and deeply experienced with the building process. She sets high standards and didn’t let us, her clients, get pushed around by sloppy builders. When needed, she’d go toe-to-toe with some pretty tough tradesmen on our behalf. With her in our court we got a better product at a more reasonable price than we’d have gotten with a less-involved architect.

Tim Walters


Choosing this design firm for the gorgeous interiors the designer creates was a simple decision. Her design methodology of listening to how I wanted to feel about my space and use it, however, made this firm exceptionally unique. The final architecture was a wonderful culmination that included detail, space, light, and my personality.  I highly recommend Stone House as the architecture firm of choice.

Roberta Fitzgerald


The reasons that I wholeheartedly recommend Colleen Stone and Stone House to my friends are the same as those that will cause me to use their services on my future projects.  Colleen exceeded my expectations with her creative yet practical and cost-conscious approach.  A key distinctive of Stone House work is their ability to combine extensive (industry) experience with the unique needs and desires of the client and the particulars of the site.  Colleen’s attention to detail results in a smooth design and construction process, and most importantly a wonderfully livable result.

Stone House has designed and coordinated two large projects for my husband and I: a large kitchen renovation that included a laundry room and full bath addition.  And a 3-story addition that added a gym, a first floor office and a large master bath.  The new spaces and existing spaces flow seamlessly together.  And several of the design solutions Colleen created have proven to be so crucial in the beauty and functionality of the space.  For example, her design for the island I wanted, in a rather long but narrow kitchen incorporated a curved counter top over stock-sized cabinetry, finished with a single-piece curved wood back.  She worked with the cabinet manufacturers to design and execute something that they had never done before and the result is the functional and aesthetic heart of my kitchen.

The design and building process is exciting, but it also can be very complicated and stressful.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to us to have Colleen’s meticulously thought-out and designed plans to start with and then her help and oversight throughout the project.  It saved us many potential headaches and cost overruns.  I am eagerly anticipating our next project- remodeling the basement and adding a wine cellar.

Susan Minite


I have found Colleen Stone to be an excellent designer in the projects we have done together – very organized, detailed and specific in her drawings her overall design work is excellent in terms of executing a cohesive style and vision that looks exceptional when the project is finished. I like the fact that the spaces she designs are very reflective (and demonstrate) the homeowners personal style and taste clearly- the finished products are a very clear and thoughtfully executed reflection of that homeowner’s taste. These sophisticated designs are also very smartly designed spaces with greater ergonomic layouts and great flow and “feel” to the space- all in all very, very nicely done designs.

Keith Hudson
Montgomery Kitchen & Bath, Inc


We are very happy and satisfied with Colleen’s work.  She presented us with very creative ideas to satisfy our design goals.  She spent the required time with us to make sure we understood the plans and their impact in detail.  She also worked closely with the General Contractor and actively worked to resolve any issues as they arose.  We worked with Colleen on two major renovations (adding a second floor to the house and bumping out the back of the house to renovate the kitchen and add eating space and a screened in porch).  We highly recommend Colleen and we would definitely use her again for future projects.

Deppa & Mike Fazzari


Colleen Stone and the Stone House LLC did an incredible job creating a vision for our building and helping us to make the vision come true.  She blended a modern design with an early style architectural building, which is not an easy task.  She helped us with every step along the way.  To this day, we continue to receive numerous compliments on our build-out and design.  Thank you so much Stone House!  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Gary W. Day
DB Capital Management LLC


I work with Colleen and her clients when she brings them  in to view our natural stone and other solid surface options for their projects.

“Fun” would best describe Colleen!

She enjoys her work and it shows very much as she guides her clients thru the process.  She is very attentive to details, enjoyable to work with, and she makes her clients feel at ease.

I personally like how she knows their wants, needs, and tastes, and gently directs them without forcing them in a direction they don’t want to go. She’s the perfect storm!

I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone who might be looking for a top notch designer, nor would I hesitate to hire her myself, should I ever have the need.

Teri Yanoski
Washington Marble & Granite Co.


I have worked with Colleen for several years as her representative at Architectural Ceramics. We supply tile and stone to builders, architects and designers. I particularly enjoy working with Colleen, for she is organized, efficient, and knowledgeable. She works well with her clientele, and from her experience in the industry, is familiar with all types of stone, ceramic and porcelain available. Though our selection is vast, Colleen is able to easily direct her clients towards the products most suitable for their lifestyles and budget.

Kristen Howard
Architectural Ceramics, Inc
Senior Sales and Design Consultant