The goals for this project were to combine the needs of a young family with the client’s highly developed design aesthetic. In addition, this home was a short-term residence, and we needed to be careful not to over-invest in the property. This was therefore a balancing act of improving a property for resale while adapting the look and function to the client’s design style.

We completed this project in two phases. The first included a new kitchen, as well as new master and second floor bathrooms.  In the second phase, we reworked the lower level of the house to add a family room, office and au pair bedroom and bath.  In addition, we rerouted the traffic pattern through the house, addressed the lack of closet space and created space for a washer/dryer on the bedroom level. While the kitchen space is not large, it is well laid out with a surprising amount of storage and high quality finishes that remained within the tight budget. As planned, the house was sold several years after the construction and the construction significantly improved the resale.